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Tim Keith
Ford General Sales Manager
(812) 428-7800

My love of the auto industry started at a young age, on the ground floor, in the cleanup department and up the ladder to sales management. My sales career started with my Dad out at our fruit and vegetable stand when I was 5 years old. He always said I had an easy time talking with people and I always enjoyed making the sale. My dad also worked at Wolfe's auto auction where I would go with him looking for the deals. I was also introduced to the body shop business at Spears body shop owned by my uncle.

After graduating from Bosse High School, go Bulldogs; in 1993 I started with D-Patrick at the Oldsmobile store. I joined my brother at a new Chevy dealership across town a few years later and I found myself back at D-Patrick working for the O'Daniel Family here in 2014.

Since I joined the Team we have opened a New campus on 41 & Walnut while growing our footprint in the market but of course we couldn't have done it without a Great Team we are building and the support of the community

I am a proud father of three daughters, Madison, Elizabeth, Abigail grew up in Evansville attending Hebron, Plaza and Harrison High School and played Soccer, sang in the choir and you may have ran into us at Crossroads Church. I love this community. It is my home, and my families' home and I look forward to working with you.

Flynn O'Daniel
Used Car and Desk Manager
(812) 428-7800

I am Flynn O'Daniel, Sales Manager here at D-Patrick Ford. 19 years. I grew up in Evansville and went to Memorial High School. My wife, kids and I attend St Benedict Cathedral. Both right down the street from us here at the Big Ford Store. Managing the Sales Department keeps me pretty busy, but there is always time for watching sports, all of them! ESPN is usually on in the D-Pat customer lounge. In my time in Evansville, working in sales, and raising my family, the most important thing I have learned is to treat others the way you want to be treated. You can expect that from all of the sales staff here. I am here to assist you with your needs. Feel free to call or email me at anytime.

Jace Stone
New Ford Sales Manager
(812) 428-7800

I'm Jace Stone, Sales Manager at D-Patrick Ford. When I was a kid growing up in Newburgh I wanted to be a Police officer. I thought that would be the greatest job in the world. I have moved around a bit, to Phoenix, AZ, to Southbend, IN and back to Evansville. I found a job that involves the greatest invention of all time, the automobile. Here at D-Patrick the sales staff is patient and kind, just like the people of Southern Indiana. It's a kid friendly environment ready to keep the whole family comfortable while we help you find the perfect vehicle. I am here to assist you with your needs. Feel free to call or email me at anytime. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Kevin Overley
Ford and Used Car Finance Manager
(812) 428-7813

My name is Kevin Overley, Finance Manager at D-Patrick's Big Ford Store. Growing up in Evansville, attending Central and USI, I know what a great place this is to live and work. I've worked with the O'Daniel family for 8 years at Ford. I drive a Ford. I Love my F150 Truck. Its one of the most useful things I own. Buying a new vehicle and working through the finance can be daunting. But I've learned that the best thing is to go through life keeping things light and have a sense of humor. I am here to assist you with your needs. Feel free to call or email me at anytime.

Cody Staffelbach
Ford and Used Car Finance Manager
(812) 428-7830

Hello, I'm Cody Staffelbach. My family moved from Missouri when I was a kid, so I grew up here in Evansville and Graduated from North High School. Although I didn't end up being a fighter pilot or race car driver when I grew up, life turned out pretty great. I worked in restaurant management before coming to D-Pat. Now, I am the Business Manager at D-Patrick. I've been here for about six or seven years, hard to keep track when you're Ford Proud and D-Pat Proud. Don't take my word for it though. The most important thing I have learned is to not judge a book by its cover. Come on by and see us here at our new store on Highway 41. I am here to assist you with your needs. Feel free to call or email me at anytime.

Carrie Raber
Ford Administrative Assistant

Erica Swope
BDC and Dealer Trade Manager
(812) 213-8794



Peter O'Daniel
Parts and Service Director

As a fourth generation member of the D-Patrick family I have spent my whole life growing up in the car business. After graduating from Indiana University in 2012 I moved to Chicago to become a commodities broker. Throughout my four years as a commodities broker, I learned how to manage client accounts and provide exceptional customer service in the retail commodities trading space. I have used my knowledge of delivering excellent customer service to train our product specialists at D-Patrick Ford to do the same.

I often attend local golf scrambles in the community, and am starting to get involved with the Young Professionals Alliance through Southern Indiana's Chamber of Commerce. I thoroughly enjoy getting involved within the community that has helped my family's business grow to what it is today. I encourage you to stop by D-Patrick Ford!

Casey Hollander
Service Manager
(812) 428-8718

Hey, I'm Casey Hollander. I have been with D-Pat since 2004. I am the Service Manager at this time. I grew up in Newburgh, In and graduated from Castle High School. I am a proud father, Southern Indiana man and D-Patrick team member. I started my career here detailing cars in 2004. The following year I started working as Porter/Parts Runner. In 2006 I found myself writing service at the Ford store. Continuing to climb the ladder, this year I stepped into Service Management. I've learned from my work and being a father that patience is key. It will prevent unneeded stress.

Brent Halterman
Ford Service Advisor
(812) 428-7896

Brent Halterman, Service Advisor. I hail all the way from Benton Harbor Michigan. Currently in Newburgh, IN with my family. Growing up, I wanted to be in the car industry. In a slightly different capacity, as a taxi driver. My first car was named Herman. Not sure what I would have named my Taxi. I've worked with D-Patrick for 11 years. Three different stints, it's hard to stay away I suppose. I'm proud to be apart of a great company. We've got a great team here. If you have any service needs, call or email me at anytime.

Lisa Smith
Ford Service Advisor
(812) 428-7830

Hi, I'm Lisa Smith, Service Consultant. I am from right here in Evansville, graduated from North High School. I have been writing service for 26 years. I worked for GM until recently. I joined the D-Patrick Ford Lincoln service team in May of 2018. It has been quite a change. I am really enjoying the challenge of being new to Ford. I have certainly learned to roll with the changes in life. Give me a call or email me anytime, I'll be here to assist you with your needs.

Adam Devine
Ford Service Advisor
(812) 428-7888

My name is Adam Devine. I have had many positions with D-Patrick. Most currently Service Advisor. Starting back in 2005, a friend of my family gave me an opportunity to sell cars. The most useful thing I have learned in my life so far is how to handle the public and family is everything. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up and be a stunt man. Maybe a little too dangerous when I have kids of my own at home. I still participate in daring activities when I am not with my family. I am a member with the Lynville Area Dirt Riders, a dirt bike club. Just like D-Patrick, it is a great environment that gives back to the community. We hold races to make money that we give to charity. If you have any service needs, Feel free to call or email me at anytime, I'll be here to assist.



Ann Beaven
Ford Parts Manager
(812) 428-7800

Hello, I'm Ann Beaven, Parts Manager and Warranty Administer. I grew up in Evansville, Indiana. Like many of our great team members here at D-Patrick Ford - Lincoln, I also graduated from Reitz Memorial High School. I attended Ivy Tech and USI before I joined the D-Patrick family. It was an joining by incident, I was working at Coburn Ford and It became a D-Patrick dealership. I am not disappointed. Very Proud to be apart of the D-Patrick for eight years now.

Kevin Storey II
Ford Parts
(812) 428-7800

My name is Kevin Storey II and I work in the parts department. I was born in Flint Michigan, but was raised in Evansville, IN. I became a part of the D-Patrick team a little over three years ago after exploring options in construction and maintenance. I am a family man and my schedule here offers me ample time to spend with my wife and two boys. Together we love attending sports and school events. We also love to volunteer with the Lifesavers; cooking at a local homeless shelter and donating to those in need. I am proud to be a part of a company who share these same values! I like to live by the motto "You Only Live Once," so spending time with the ones you love and giving back to the community are very important to me. If you have any questions, I can help. Give me a call or shoot me an email anytime!

Randy Gregg
Parts Counter
(812) 428-7800



Darla Lynn
Office Manager
(812) 428-7819

Hello. My name is Darla. I have been the Office Manager for D-Patrick Ford for 28 years. This is a wonderful place to work. The ladies in my office and the staff all throughout the building are like family. Especially after being a Proud D-Pat employee for so many years. Although indoor plumbing might be the best invention of all time, I got some of my most useful things here at D-Pat. I've got my job here. It's such a great place to work, I got my son a job here. Then he moved out of the house! I purchased my vehicle here, with our great deals and sales team. And, So did my son! Join our family here. If you need anything, feel free to call or email me.

Marilyn Willett
Office Assistant
(812) 428-7854

Hi, I'm Marilyn Willett, D-Patrick Ford Lincoln Office Staff. I've been in the car business for a little while now. Grew up, went to school, and worked in Henderson County. A little over a year ago when the dealership I worked for went out of business, I came over to Evansville and found employment at The Big Ford Store. In life I've really learned to make the most of everyday. That is exactly what I do here at D-Patrick. If you're from Henderson like me, then cross that bridge and come see us over here at the Big Ford Store, right off Highway 41.

Rayetta Brown
Switchboard Operator
(812) 428-7800

My name is Rayetta Brown. I have worked as the Switchboard Operator for almost two years here at the Big Ford Store. Sometimes in life it is just time for a change and that is what brought me here. If I had grown up to be a redhead and ride a bull, a time for change might have come sooner. There isn't much bull riding here in Evansville. It wasn't an extracurricular activity at Castle or Harrison. So I built a family and learned a lot in life. Mostly, don't take others for granted. I appreciate everyone here at D-Patrick. I am happy and proud to be here at D-Patrick Ford & Lincoln.